Corporate Services

Prism Health Advocates is acutely aware of the challenges faced by companies in dealing with employee health. Company dollars spent on healthcare need to be well spent, benefiting the employees’ access to quality, timely healthcare, and the company’s Return on Investment (“ROI”).  Prism Health Advocates will expertly assess the medical demographics of the company, synthesize that information, and create a comprehensive set of recommendations to better manage high incident / high health draw employees (numbers, not names).  We will also measure absenteeism and the cause behind it and create a company wide strategy of education and participation in health and wellness.  This will also allow the company to better understand their employee utilization / misuse of the healthcare support and provisioning network.  We will further provide a workable solution to address those issues.  Additionally, Prism provides each employee with a qualified support team.

  • Effective organization and negotiation of non-paid medical bills
  • Coordinated usage of the healthcare system, better management of benefits
  • Patient Advocacy and Navigation Services
  • Cost comparison shopping / less unnecessary testing and misdiagnosis
  • Prevention education / early detection / wellness
  • Confidential assistance for drug / alcohol /mental health
  • Identification and management of chronic illness in the workplace
  • Proactive wrap-around care with a high utilization population, targeted cost reduction strategies
  • Comprehensive system of support for all employees AND their families, including needs of elderly parents (home health, eldercare and end of life planning services)
  • Guaranteed ROI through diligent, hands on, experienced Advocacy

Additional Corporate Elements

  •  Two-hour educational seminar to all employees followed by Q&A
  •  Comprehensive anonymous medical survey for data collection
  •  Analysis of heathcare demographics of company, focusing on major health issues that impact employees’ ability to work and healthcare costs
  •  Monthly educational newsletter

Workers Compensation

  • Advocate Care Management
  • Facilitate communication between employer and employee
  • Create a return to work program; encourage progressive return to duty where necessary
  • Assist with creating a compatible transition back to the workforce as soon as medically feasible
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