Comprehensive Empoyee Assistance Program

Healthcare – Legal – Financial 

Prism Health Advocates is working around the clock to help companies with COVID-19
We can be your trusted ally and healthcare partner through this crisis.

  • 24/7 Profesionally staffed hotline offering information, screening and treatment coordination
  • Company consultation for prep and response to this pandemic
  • Weekly emails to all employees with up-to-date information
  • Informational seminars/webinars with live Q&A
  • Comprehensive advocacy and navigation, from complex medical through billing / coding  /  insurance

All of us at Prism are wishing you and your loved ones safety and good health, and the strength for all of us to pull together in this difficult time.

Prism provides a centralized, comprehensive, and integrated health, legal and financial  solution.

23%  Employee Utilization  //  100% Satisfication

Employee Health Needs

  • Assess employee health needs
  • Assess medical demographics of employees
  • Identify key problems preventing work
  • Identify solutions to manage those problems
  • Map access to best care at lower price

Targeted Solutions

  • Coordinated usage and management of benefits
  • Proactive wrap-round care for chronic illnesses
  • Implement cost reduction strategies
  • Research best-in-plan provider options
  • Experienced support team for each employee

Billing Solutions

  • Billing Process management and optimization (sequencing, discount, errors, etc.)
  • Bill analysis and negotiation support
  • Company bill / coding / insurance assessment and negotiation

Employee Health, Wellness and Prevention

  • Create a company wide culture of health / wellness
  • Targeted educational seminars on prevention, early detection & management,
  • Expediting solutions to an existing crisis
  • Monthly educational newsletter
  • Conduct interactive company wide Q&A about healathcare, benefits, and promote key proactive measures

Reduce Company Healthcare Costs

  • Utilize employee pricing-centric models to achieve up to 20% savings
  • Pricing and transparency research on best-in-plan services
  • Billing assistance, negotiations of disputes and claim evaluation
  • Identify high risk employees and chronic issues for early intervention
  • Decrease ER utilization and hospital admissions through education and support

Improve Employee Performance

  • Increase productivity of employees and HR resolving medical issues during working hours
  • Reduced employee absenteeism due to health-related issues
  • Lower stress involving medical instances, negatively affecting performance
  • Employee satisfaction with the company’s employee benefit plan


  • Name changes              Traffic violations
  • Adoptions                      Accidents
  • Separations                   Power of Attorney
  • Divorce                           Wills and living wills
  • Tax audits                      Real estate and civil law suits


  • Tax management                                                         Quickbooks accounting
  • Assurance & accounting                                            Bookkeeping
  • Management advisory                                                IRS representation
  • Estate & trust planning & tax preparation                Cash flow & budgeting
  • Litigation support & forensic accounting                 Debt & finance advising


  • 9am to 5pm NURSE HELP LINE


  • Healthcare advocacy and navigation Services
  • Bill review for mistakes and coding errors
  • Organization and negotiation of medical bills
  • Medical bill payment plan negotiation
  • Explanation of insurance and benefits
  • Best in-network providers, hospital, and clinic identification
  • Best out-of-network resources identified where applicable
  • Cost comparison for tests and procedures
  • Early identification, prevention and wellness
  • Verteran assistance
  • LGBTQI+ ally
  • Family planning support and mediation
  • Confidential education and support for mental health and addiction
  • Care management for chronic conditions
  • Coordinated post hospitalization care management to increase optimal recovery
  • Identification of home health and eldercare services
  • End of life planning
  • Nursing home, rehabilitation, assisted living, Alzheimer unit comparison and best-in-class identification
  • Gold Standard personalized concierge service:  tailored to meet specified needs

Prism Health Advocates does not provide medical care, but facilitates and supports and is not responsible for medical outcomes.

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