FAQ: Why Hire Prism?

1. Why should my business hire you?

The best thing your company could do would be to hire Prism Health Advocates. Prism will navigate highly complex medical and billing issues and significantly lower your company’s healthcare spend through personal responsive expert guidance and navigation.

2.  What exactly can you do for my business?

We offer company specific services that get to the heart of your company’s healthcare pain points. Specifically, we will coordinate, research, and facilitate their journey through healthcare. We are going to educate your employees on how to better utilize their benefit packages and insurance and become better healthcare consumers.

3.  How much do you cost, and what is my financial commitment?

We offer the first month free. It is important to note we are not covered by insurance. We charge per employee per month and we usually bill on a years contract. After that you get a bill every single month, but we are flexible, and we are able to work with what works for you.

4.  Do you guarantee that a company will save money?

We absolutely guarantee that, and here’s why. There is multiple reasons but one is that we can decrease the number of hospitalizations that your employees have, and we can teach them to stay out of the emergency room unless it’s a real emergency. We also do cost comparison analysis for tests, procedures, pharmaceuticals, and any procedure work that people need. We will work constantly with people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma, to make sure they stay compliant with their care plan. We actively assist staying in network and managing copays, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses. We will centralize all healthcare issues and streamline medical bills, denials, and appeals. Which puts real money back into your pocket, and to your employees hands.

5. Can’t my HR department do what you do?

They can try but they’re not medical. We are medical, and we have a deep background of experience and we are laser focused on taking care of your employees and their health.

6.  Our health plan already has an advocate so why would we invest in your services?

Many health plans offer an advocate, but there is an inherent conflict of interest right off the bat. Those advocates are working for that insurance company and trying to save them money. If you hire us, Prism Health Advocates will be focused on your company but specifically on what is very best for your employees, and there won’t be any conflict of interest. We’re not going to worry about how much money it costs if it helps them with their healthcare.

7.  What is your skill set and background?

My personal experience is 40 years in the medical industry – as a firefighter, an EMT, an ambulance chief, and a retired trauma nurse. The people that I hire have the same set of experiences and we bring years to bare on your healthcare problems.

8.  How would you address my employee issues if we were located in a state far from you?

Prism Health Advocates is a virtual company. We have clients across the United States and internationally. Our clients can reach us by video chat, phone, and email  seven (7) days a week.

9.  What about elderly parents or relatives who live with a company employee?

Any elderly relative that an employee is responsible for physically or emotionally is absolutely covered by Prism Health Advocates.

10.  How can I apply your services during this COVID-19 crisis?

Prism has stepped up to the plate and has offered a 1-800 hotline for information and Q and A. Prism also provides a focused call line for COVID-19 testing and coordination of treatment options for each company. We tailor our services to each and every firm.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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