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Florida Welcomes Prism Health Advocates

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In this new era of high deductibles and changing regulations, everyone needs guidance, from an expert, in navigating the complexities of our healthcare system.

Prism provides targeted assistance for patients and their families because everyone deserves a complete understanding of their options and how best to access the care that best fits their individual healthcare situation.

In the corporate setting,  Prism will work with HR benefits managers and their employees to ensure active patient involvement in both prevention and treatment, as well as best value from healthcare providers.

Personal / Family:

  • Educated Targeted Approach to Seeking Medical Care
  • Patient Advocacy and Navigation Services
  • Cost Comparison Shopping / Less Unnecessary Testing and Misdiagnosing
  • Mental Health / Addiction
  • Family Planning, Support and Mediation
  • Identifying Second and Third Opinions, Best Facilities, Clinical Trials
  • Home Health and Eldercare Services
  • End of Life Planning and Support
  • Effective Organization and Negotiation of Non-paid Medical Bills
  • Assistance with Transitioning from Hospital to Home
  • Pre-admission and Discharge Support
  • Rx Support with Medication and Pharmacy Needs
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Provider Coordination
  • Personal Concierge:
    organization and management of all healthcare needs
  • Managed Care


  • Effective Organization and Negotiation of Non-paid Medical Bills
  • Coordinated Usage of the Healthcare System, Better Management of Benefits
  • Patient Advocacy and Navigation Services
  • Cost Comparison Shopping / Less Unnecessary Testing and Misdiagnosis
  • Prevention Education / Early Detection / Wellness
  • Confidential Assistance for Drug / Alcohol / Mental Health
  • Identification and Management of Chronic Illness in the Workplace
  • Comprehensive System of Support for all Employees AND Their Families, Including Needs of Elderly Parents (home health, eldercare and end of life planning services)
  • Guaranteed ROI Through Diligent, Hands on, Experienced Advocacy

al Corporate Elements:

  • Two-hour Educational Seminar to all Employees Followed by Q&A
  • Comprehensive Anonymous Medical Survey for Data Collection
  • Analysis of Health Demographics
  • Identify Heathcare Demographics of Company, Focusing on Major Health Issues that Impact Employees’ Ability to Work and Healthcare Costs
  • Monthly Educational Newsletter

Assistance for Veterans

Thank you for Vets

Prism assists veterans in navigating the VHA system and getting the care they need and deserve.
Prism will advocate for and assist with obtaining timely, appropriate care as well as identifying support groups and publications specific to individual needs.
We understand the unique challenges facing our veterans in seeking ongoing medical care, and offer services to support and guide them on that journey.


Florida Department of Veteran Affairs

FDVA Florida Locations

Prism Health Advocates does not provide medical care, but facilitates and supports and is not responsible for medical outcomes.

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