How Corporations are Turning to Health Advocates to Lower Costs and Support Their Employees

In a world of complicated and ever changing healthcare, Health Advocates can make a significant impact on the quality and cost of healthcare a company provides its employees. An experienced and targeted approach can efficiently expedite the trajectory of care – moving an employee through the system quickly and expertly, which in turn lowers the overall cost of care and buffers the workplace impact.

Healthcare challenges faced in corporations

When faced with a healthcare challenge, an employee is forced to figure out where to go and what to do. They are usually directed to their primary care physician or to an emergency department. But if given a catastrophic diagnosis of an acute, chronic or terminal illness such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s, there can be many confusing questions:

  • What are their first steps?
  • Do they trust first opinion or get two and three?
  • What medical providers do they choose and how do they find them?
  • Will it be covered by their insurance, what are their deductibles and co-pays? What will their out of pocket expenses actually be?
  • Do they understand their diagnosis and the ramifications of it?
  • What does it mean for them and their family?
  • How does it impact their ability to work?


How are employees meant to research all their options to identify appropriate solutions for the healthcare crisis they are faced with, without taking a huge amount of time off from their job?


Where Healthcare Advocacy comes in

When corporations offer a designated Healthcare Advocate to their employees, it can quickly mitigate the detrimental impact on both the employee and the company in the following ways:

1) Saving time and reducing absenteeism

With no background knowledge, patients often waste time and money going from place to place seeking care with multiple doctors, tests and procedures. Now, there are extenuating circumstances that can legitimately send a patient to multiple places and providers seeking an answer to something highly complex and unusual. However, an experienced Healthcare Advocate can help direct patients quickly and appropriately to the right source of care in a timely manner, through their knowledge of the healthcare system and systematic guidance.

2) Reducing company costs

Immediate and appropriate care means less absenteeism = company savings. A Healthcare Advocate can assist in cost comparison, bill and insurance organization and tracking that can lower insurance costs and lower costs for the company.

3) Easing the patient journey with support

Healthcare Advocates prevent employees from floundering and provide much needed support for patients, ensuring they make educated decisions that positively impact their health and wellbeing, and easing the emotional trauma of dealing with life altering health issues.

4) Bringing Prevention and Wellness to the company as a whole

By appointing Healthcare Advocates, companies promote a positive and knowledgeable approach to individual care, resource pertinent information to that employee’s specific health needs, and bring the most up-to-date standards of wellness to the company. Healthcare Advocates provide ongoing guidance on diet, exercise, weight loss, lifestyle changes, and assistance with compliance for their suggested plan of care from their physicians.


A Health Advocate educates, supports and encourages each employee to learn and grow to understand their individual healthcare issues – how they impact their lifestyle and their ability to be the best they can be, thus creating a more educated, healthier workforce for the company.

Appointing Health Advocates can measurably impact the quality and cost of healthcare for a company and their employees. The individual support given to each person, the experienced approach to cost vs benefit, and the targeted focus on timely, appropriate intervention increases the overall well-being of each person and ensures the best approach to individual growth and success. In turn, companies run more smoothly and with a workforce educated and supported in staying healthy and on the job.

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