Why You Need a Private Health Advocate vs. Insurance Advocate for Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

In this era of ever increasing healthcare costs, companies struggle to provide affordable healthcare coverage for their employees. The healthcare system is complicated and opaque, and confusing to the average consumer who has to search for answers. Especially now, with a rise in diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s, to name just a few.

Most people are unaware of what their insurance does or doesn’t cover, how to deal with their insurance companydoctor’s offices and hospitals, or where to even start towards a solution. They are completely overwhelmed, and in attempting to make sense of it all, they can frequently get cornered into making decisions that are not based on researched knowledge. So, some insurance companies are offering healthcare advocacy as part of their service, and corporations are embracing this as a real benefit for their employees.

However, it is important to understand that when an insurance company offers advocacy services, their responsibility is to the bottom line of that insurance company. They are not working for the employee. There can also be limits to the amount of services provided – whether time limits, or limits in the scope of availability and assistance. Nor is that insurance company advocate working for the corporation. Make no mistake, they are working for the insurance company alone.

Benefits of a private health advocate

A private healthcare advocate has something the insurance advocate does not have and that is “allegiance” to the employee and the company. That health advocate is working for and with the employee to assist in any way they can, whether for the employee, or an employee family member. The insurance advocate will only be available to the employee, not family members, since they would not be covered under the policy (for instance, a parent or grandparent). Any healthcare issue for a family member directly impacts that employee and that employee’s ability to stay in work and focused on their job. A private health advocate will be there to help.

Corporations would benefit from a dedicated employee health advocate far more than general advocacy services offered through an insurance policy.

    1. Driving cost savings and decreasing insurance utilization through expedited and focus driven care.
    2. Experienced negotiators lowering out-of-pocket expenses, final bill totals and resolving billing and insurance errors.
    3. Helping employers and employees lower risk and liability, improving employee satisfaction and decreasing stress for both overall.
    4. Attracting and retaining quality employees as a benefits differentiator from day one.
    5. Keeping employees focused on their jobs at work with less absenteeism related to health issues requiring research and coordination.
    6. Providing targeted and knowledgeable solutions for all their healthcare needs.

A health advocate from an insurance carrier is just a voice on the other end of the phone, with no personal connection to the company or the employee. A private employee health advocacy service such as the one Prism Health Advocates offers, makes it personal. Such advocates visit companies, get to know their employees, thus ensuring a personal connection that builds understanding, respect and trust.

Advocacy is a growing field in healthcare, and a valuable one. Not only does a health advocate’s experience bring clarity to a multifaceted, confusing and frustrating healthcare system, they bring a very real sense of relief to the company and employee. This ensures you are in good hands with someone who not only has years of hands on interaction with healthcare, but who sincerely cares about YOU and is loyal to YOU.

For small to medium sized companies that do not have an insurance package for their employees, health advocates provide a high quality service that can sincerely benefit the employees. They target their healthcare needs, help them maneuver the insurance they buy, and lower out of pocket costs by making sure they are going to the right place at the right time. This will immensely help the company by keeping the employee at work rather than out of work – struggling to identify an appropriate course of action, and let the employee know how much they are valued by the company.

For corporations that do offer insurance for their employees, hiring health advocates will guarantee a more educated, targeted use of that insurance. This lowers costs for both the company and the employee and will safeguard employee understanding of and control over their healthcare.

A healthcare crisis of any kind can be life altering, and the ripple effect of that for employees, their family members and the company they work for can have unsettling and even dire consequences for those affected. Hiring a health advocate can definitely mitigate the stress for all, and expedite, to the best of their ability, a good outcome for both the company and the employee. While they cannot guarantee a happy outcome, their knowledge, dedication and commitment will guarantee the best resources made available, so that decisions made are educated, timely and focused. And of course, always in the best interest of the employee.

Prism Health Advocates is a leader in its field, with highly qualified advocates, insurance experts, and billing and coding experts. We are accessible and flexible and work with companies to provide the very best healthcare support system for their employees. Ultimately, this helps companies ensure a safer, more educated workforce that impacts their bottom line for the better. 

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